Getting Back into the Fight

Welcome (back) to Netmonster

The Netmonster Resistance Corps was once hundreds, maybe thousands strong.

But you're still here, Hunter, and that means Shade hasn't won yet.

The Whitemask site is down, but like all things on the internet, never gone.
If you're looking to redownload your gear from the Armory, you can find it archived here.
From our testing, the Netmonster installer and executable will run in Windows 10. However, all our test computers were upgraded from Windows 7/8.1, so your mileage on a new machine will vary.
Not all bugs were removed from v1.4, but the runtime errors seem to be specific to URLs.

The webring has been dead for a long time, as has the official Netmonster yahoo group. However, our site isn't the only one that still has Netmonster cages.
The following sites still have active rifts:

And the following infinite voids are still functioning:

So fire up those Netmonster grabbers and get to work!

The following Hunter resources have been compiled by myself and Hunter Eowyn to help you in the fight against Shade: